How to use Tea Tree Oil for Candida?

Tea tree oil has long been regarded as one of the most naturally antiseptic oils that exists today. It has anti-viral properties that have the ability to heal as it disinfects. Tea tree oil provides many of the same abilities as hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, but smells better and is more gentle while it does so. It is an effective treatment for any type of yeast infection that appears on the skin. In addition, it is also possible to find shampoos, conditioners, body washes and body lotions that have teat tree oil in them, which allows for a continuing tea tree oil presence throughout the day.

Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be applied in a number of different ways. However, you need to keep in mind that tea tree oil is only appropriate for topical use. It cannot and should not be swallowed or placed into the body in any way, unless you are under the care of a physician who is able to supervise the process, excluding a gargle. If you have Athlete’s Foot or another external yeast infection, dampen a cotton ball with a few drops of pure tea tree oil and apply to the clean, dry area.

You can cover with a band-aid if necessary, but allowing oxygen to circulate to the affected area is likely to aid in the healing process as well. In addition, even while you are using the Candida diet to treat your symptoms, you can continue to apply tea tree oil after using public showers or being barefoot in public as a preventative measure.

What Else Can Tea Tree Oil Treat?

Tea tree oil can help with many different skin problems. Complaints like nail fungus, thrush and yeast infections found in the more traditional spots, can all benefit from different applications of tea tree oil.

It is very important to remember that tea tree oil is strong and it is not appropriate or recommended to apply it, undiluted, to some of the more sensitive spots. In addition, if you have an infection that is bright red, actively bleeding, leaking pus, open or exhibiting the red stripes associated with a bacterial infection, it should not be applied directly. Doing so could result in pain and may even present with the possibility of creating a chemical burn on an already damaged part of your body.

Instead, you can try diluting the tea tree oil, one drop of oil to four or five drops of clean, sterile water and dabbing it gently onto the area a few times a week until the symptoms dissipate. If you are treating a larger area, you can soak the skin in a tub of warm water with teat tree oil, or you can use a clean towel or wash cloth to perform the same task. Oral yeast infections, like thrush, can be addressed with a tea tree oil gargle consisting of two drops of oil to each tablespoon of water, making sure to not swallow.

It is a good idea to combine tea tree oil with the Candida diet to ensure wellness of the entire body. By protecting the outside and nurturing the inside of your body, you can begin the process to achieve optimum health, regardless of the challenges that face you. Advocating for your own health and protecting your own well-being is the only way that you can ever be sure of the care that you receive.

Tea tree oil is an amazing source of healing without the side effects that are common to pharmaceuticals.

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