Can the Candida Diet Meet the Needs of a Vegetarian?

The Candida diet has a strong emphasis on meat-based proteins, so it has led many vegetarians to wonder if it would be nutritionally complete for their needs. And it is true that once you remove meat from the meal plan, it can be challenging to adequately meet your needs…unless you do a little research, like you’re doing here, to find the right changes to make.

What Special Needs Does a Vegetarian Have?

In many respects, you will already have an advantage over some of the other participants in this type of diet. You may not have the same severe symptoms that other women do and you probably have a better understanding of the type of vegetables that you like. You’re also probably more familiar with your own dietary needs and expectations, which is likely to result in an easier experience while you detox.

You are likely to need other ways of obtaining the protein in your diet that does not come from the consumption of meat and meat products. In addition, you may have an increased need for calcium and all of the B vitamins, because those are often obtained from the consumption of meat as well. In some cases, although not all, there are symptoms of anemia from a lack of iron.

Fortunately, there are other ways to safely and humanely get all of those items. Although taking a multivitamin is not a bad idea and is often helpful, it is not sufficient by itself as a supplement to vegetarians. It is usually necessary to add the other vitamins into the mix as well, so using quality supplements is going to be an essential step toward treating the yeast overgrowth you have in your body. Protein can come from eggs and cheese, so as long as it’s not an aged cheese, you will be fine.

The Candida diet is a great fit for many vegetarians.

You will also need to ensure that your diet has enough essential acids. When you have enough of these in your diet, they work to reduce or eliminate the inflammation that appears as a result of chronic yeast infections. You can get these from fish oil but alternate sources include walnuts, flax-seed and flax oil.

Another source is tofu, and of course you have the options of combining any of those into a more enjoyable meal. It is also believed that this type of essential acids may help your immune system work better and is thought to encourage damaged cells repair themselves. However, whenever possible try to meet your dietary needs with actual food and beverages as much as possible, because fewer minerals will be eliminated by your digestive system.

Vitamin C

When you were a child, did your mother tell you to drink a glass of orange juice every morning? Well, as with so many other things, your mom was right. Vitamin C is closely linked to your immune system and adequate amounts of Vitamin C will help your immune system function more smoothly. Not having enough in your diet will force your immune system to work more slowly. The Candida diet needs Vitamin C to truly be effective.

Although you have the option of supplementing with artificial Vitamin C, it is always better to get as much nourishment as possible from food. In general, it is easier for your body to use the vitamins that appear in food and more benefit from the vitamins will be seen. In addition, Vitamin C is water soluble and whatever you don’t need or don’t use that enters your body will be naturally flushed out with no further help from you.

Even when it is tempting to buy the Vitamin C from the dollar store or the clearance aisle at the super-center, you’ll want to make sure you buy a quality product that is likely to cost you a little more. That is primarily because the cheap products have very few benefits for your body, usually because of the way that are produced. They will simply be flushed from your body, just like all of the other waste that accumulates after eating and drinking. This is often within a few hours and with almost nothing actually absorbed from them.


Yogurt is a great way to meet many of your nutritional needs, but you need to get the right kind. Virtually every flavored yogurt is going to present with a lot of extra sugars, so that’s not going to be the right type for you. Your best bet will be to consume the plain, unflavored yogurt with live probiotics.

If you want to get really creative, you also have the option of making your own yogurt. A third option would be to buy the plain, unflavored yogurt which is good for you, but not always the most delicious option. You can then dress that yogurt up with some of the things you can have, like the juice from one of the fruits you are allowed to have, or even some garlic would be sufficient to make your plain, unflavored, healthy yogurt taste as good as something not remotely healthy.

You have special needs as a vegetarian on the Candida diet, but it is not hard to meet those needs, with a little planning. In all honesty, you are likely to experience enormous benefits from a relatively minor change in your diet.

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