How to Get Rid of Excess Candida in a Healthy, Organic Way Fast

The best way to treat Candida overgrowth is with natural, organic ingredients. When the problem that you’re dealing with involves excess yeast appearing in places it shouldn’t be or in high amounts, why would anyone say that it’s a good idea to use ingredients that have many chemicals in them? It seems like a bad idea to put harsh, artificial chemicals to repair what is so sensitive. You simply need to know what the right questions are and how organic ingredients can help you.

The Heavy Hitters

Many of the ingredients that have been discussed on other pages, like tea-tree oil, are going to be challenging to find in an organic form. However, they are out there and some health food stores can even do a special order for interested customers. Some non-organic items, like garlic, might be safe but you may never know for sure and that is what the problem would be. If your symptoms did not disappear after the appropriate time adhering to the diet and including other items as needed, it seems like people would always be wondering if it was the non-organic item that made the difference.

The quickest way to start seeing your symptoms disappear, after you are done with the cleansing, would be to use the organic tea tree oil topically on the affected areas as directed, making sure that you make a note of when you did so for your own records. Don’t forget that you can also use the bath products with teat tree oil, for an extra little help, and they are not likely to present with the same risks that anti-bacterial products do. These are easily found as organic items as well and tea-tree oil has a wonderful, distinctive smell that lingers.

Organic garlic, whether you eat it in your food, as a supplement or apply topically, is one of the best things that you can do for yourself during this experience. You may want to warn people that you will be around, since garlic can be an acquired taste and it is very pungent, but garlic works very well at helping to remove impurities from the body.

A Lesser-Known Organic Option- the Egg

Organic eggs are an excellent source of protein that can help your body defend against Candida overgrowth. As you probably remember, nutrition plays a very important role in this war and organic eggs, since they were created with no hormones or antibiotics help with that. However, what you may not know is that organic eggs can also help treat symptoms of a yeast infection that’s appearing on your skin.

For years, women used eggs for shiny hair. Now, organic eggs serve as a conditioner that is a solid source of organic protein that can soothe the irritated skin associated with a yeast infection on the scalp, neck, face or ears. You’ll want to apply a raw, scrambled egg or two to the clean, dry, affected area while reclining and wait about two minutes. Rinse off with a damp cloth thoroughly. A problem with external yeast infections is that the skin can take longer to heal because of the infection, which allows the yeast to spread further through the broken skin. Eggs can help with that.

Organic options for the healing process, both internally and externally, are an excellent way to ensure that you are not introducing preservatives and contaminants into your body that is already overrun with Candida. The experience may not be fun, but there’s no need to make it worse.

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