How I Overcame My Candida Story Part 2

Since childhood I was raised very healthy, rarely would I indulge in cakes, cookies, and chocolate. After my teenage years, I no longer consumed much junk food (or what I thought to be junk food), and although I was never super sick, I just never felt really healthy. I always knew that something wasn’t right, but there was nothing that I could do, I convinced myself that I was doing the right thing for my health. It was only a “matter of time”. Sometimes I even felt that maybe we’re not meant to be truly healthy. When we get older our mind deteriorates, and “brain fog” is completely normal. Even when I speak to doctors, friends, family, everybody just thought I was crazy. People who were supposed to trust and believe me, and I was supposed to be able to trust them with my life. But there was always something nagging in the back of my mind, and I knew I had to trust my gut, something was wrong.

I’ve tried to make myself better and went completely vegetarian for a few years, but instead of feeling great, it gradually got worse. I didn’t understand it, was it really just “old age”? I was always told that meat is unhealthy, and it’s bad for you. I was eating more breads and grains, because that is what everyone says is healthy. I even made sure to eat mostly whole wheat. Foods that I was taught were healthy since I was a child are no longer considered healthy. For example, according to the US Congress, tomato sauce on pizza is considered a vegetable. Given that, things just got worse, and there’s a bigger reason than the food just being “healthy” or “unhealthy. There’s a reason that I wasn’t feeling great with the foods that I was eating, and I will explain it in a bit.

My life was impacted in a big way. You may have similar symptoms to me, or different symptoms, but when something is wrong with your body, you just know it. This is how it impacted my daily life:

  • I stopped speaking to people face to face because I had such bad breath and a thick white coating on my tongue. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I used to use a tongue scraper to no avail. Sometimes I felt my breath literally smelled like poop.
  • Whenever I was out with my friends, I would have terrible gas. I would constantly excuse myself because I had to go to the bathroom to let it out. It got to the point where it was unbearable, and it made me not want to go out or see anybody.
  • Besides the gas, I would occasionally experience terrible bloating, where even moving was painful. My entire body just felt swollen, it was NOT pleasant.
  • I was extremely lactose intolerant. A little ice cream or milk left me up all night in pain.
  • I never had eczema and psoriasis when I was a child, but it developed when I was an adult, which caused me to break out quite badly, and the only solution that I had was to use prescription creams which made the itch and rash go away.
  • I had brain fog, and an extreme lack of focus. I wouldn’t even be able to read one page before I was completely thinking about something else. I was actually worried for a while that I was actually suffering from dementia in my 20’s, because I just couldn’t even remember anything, even important dates were completely forgotten.
  • Depression, and anxiety, I was suffering from both of them. In reality I think that a lot of my physical symptoms caused me to be mentally anguished, I was just unhappy with my health and my life. I was 25, NOT 80. I shouldn’t have had to suffer, and it was just suffering every day.
  • Yeast Infections, ring worm, and athlete’s foot. I would get yeast infections almost monthly, and it had a cottage cheese like discharge as well as a foul odor which would drive me insane. Those three were actually the key to what I was suffering from, and after switching doctors several times, I was finally diagnosed properly, and I almost felt enlightened.

Throughout all these health issues I spent a ton of money on doctors, medications, trying to eat only organic and natural foods. I do still try to eat organic, and do 90% of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, but I also realized that there was more to it than just that.

It wasn’t like one day I was unable to function in a normal society. I didn’t just “break”. What happened was gradual, over years of my life my health slowly deteriorated. It started from my mid 20’s to early 30’s. I would tell people that I never felt right, and would tell my closest friends some of my symptoms. I felt so embarrassed and it took so much courage to let them know, but they ignored me, brushed it off and really just got tired of my complaining. Even my doctors who I was supposed to trust didn’t care. All this changed soon though.

After suffering from my third yeast infection in three months, I worried that I would have to suffer the rest of my life with yeast infections. It affected my daily life, I was unable to exercise, unable to get sleep always agonizing between scratching to get some instant relief or trying to ignore it. It was ruining my relationship as well, my husband although understanding was clearly frustrated with not being able to have sex. I’ve tried all the antifungals, including prescription pills, and my OB/Gyn finally referred me elsewhere because she was honestly”baffled”. This was after being on a month of Diflucan straight and it still reoccurred. I would get a yeast infection after yeast infection, and it just didn’t help. She kept questioning me to make sure that I was doing her routine properly, but I followed the pills and washing exactly like she said and got little to no relief.

She referred me to another OB/Gyn a friend of hers who specialized in vaginal infections (UTI’s, yeast, etc.). Her friend was however different than she was. He wasn’t strict on his ways and kept an open mind, he believed in both modern medicine as well as using natural methods of letting your body heal itself. He was okay with taking herbs and supplements. He believed a healthy diet and lifestyle did actually matter. This made me immediately feel comfortable, far more than with previous doctors. We talked, and I told him about my symptoms, my issues, he thought that the problem was actually far deeper than just the superficial effects (although I would hardly call yeast infections superficial). I felt for the first time in my life, somebody actually understood me. He understood what I was going through, and was actually looking to help me. Other people would just pretend they knew telling me it was all “in my head”, or that I’m “overreacting”.

After speaking to him for what seemed hours, he came to the conclusion that the real issue is not the symptoms, but it’s the cause of the symptoms. My body was infected with a fungal infection called candida. From my symptoms it’s most likely systemic, in my gut and possibly other organs. This was a bit of a shocker, I felt great that I knew what it was but also disgusted. I mean I possibly had a fungal infection throughout my body. I never heard of somebody being infected with fungus within their body, so I thought it would be the end of me. I felt like he said that I had some strange virus from a third world country. I know some of you may feel like I’m exaggerating, but that’s how I really felt. I had never even heard of candida, and then I’m told that I have it. He assured me though and told me that even though candida is serious it can be managed and treated.

Note: If you aren’t really sure what candida is, you might want to read and research as there are people who are way more qualified than I am to talk about it. I can only share with you my personal story and what I did to overcome candida. Please search elsewhere so that you can really learn about candida, and maybe find a qualified doctor to help you.

He told me that it won’t be easy, but once I follow through everything, I will be far healthier and better off than sitting and doing nothing but watching my health deteriorate. He also told me how upsetting it is that many in the medical industry do not take candida seriously when it is in fact something that so many people are afflicted with. There is of course good reason for that, and I soon found out that it simply came down to money.

Imagine you’re a pharmaceutical company (they are the ones who often educate doctors). You can either tell people to eat healthy, tell them what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, and you would have very little business. Or you can tell them to do whatever they want, and you can give them a pill to solve their stomach pains, muscle aches, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. They will be forced to keep buying them from you over and over, never being completely healthy, and having to depend on more medications as they get older. It is a never ending cycle which you do not want to be trapped in. He gave me several resources to look through so that I can improve my health.

One of the most important resources that he had me look through was called Probacto. I wasn’t sure what it was at the time, but I now consider it one of the greatest websites on the internet, and they possibly saved my life with their information as well as supplements. Of course it’s not only them I am grateful to, but my doctor who told me what candida is, all the support I received from various people on the Internet, who helped me find the strength to continue when I was ready to quit. I’m writing this so that other people can hopefully use and follow some of the same methods that I’ve used to help themselves.

My doctor told me that over the years of being a doctor he’s tried hundreds of different supplements, probiotics, herbs, and the products by Probacto were by far the best he’s ever seen. He made glowing recommendations and almost all of his patients have felt results, many of them within weeks (not everything works for everybody). One thing that he did let me know is that it’s important to manage expectations. Once people find out what is wrong with them, they imagine that they can take a magic pill and they will be better within days or weeks. Sadly it is not like that, it takes years to be unhealthy to develop candida, and to expect it to go away immediately is lying to yourself. You may feel some improvement within a few weeks, but to really gain your true health back it can take months or even years (if you don’t follow a 100% strict diet).

Tell you the truth, I honestly did not enjoy the process of being on a diet, and every day watching my diet and taking care of my health was tedious, but the end results are worth it. Lots of people do this on a regular basis, just go visit a whole foods store and watch how people can so easily spend their entire paycheck. My solution is thankfully way cheaper, and more effective for candida, but it’s not a magic pill. I wish it was, and if there was a magic pill I would have been the first one to jump on it. If you’re looking for a complete instant candida cure, there really isn’t one.

I was recommended to take the full dosage of all their supplements which meant that the first thing I did in the morning when I woke up was take 4 capsules of Probacto probiotics, and five of the gelcaps of cfort10 in the morning. I would also take it before lunch, as well as before dinner. When I first spoke to my doctor about the dosage, I felt that it was a bit “extreme”, as well as a bit expensive. He explained it logically. People in general would have no problem going to the bar and spending the same amount on 1 drink as their daily dosage of probiotics. Or they would spend the money on gas, on movie tickets, on a bottle of wine, on a vacation, but they never really want to spend money on their health until they need it. This is not just a little bit of your health, but this is a health issue that has been nagging at you and will only get worse unless you do something about it.

He was telling me that what they provide is actually a really good value for what I get. Your health is not something that can be bought, and that if you compared their products to prescriptions even covered by your insurance, well guess what it’s a great value. He has patients who spend over $600 a month (that’s with insurance) on prescriptions, and if they were just a bit healthier they wouldn’t need it. It’s sad especially considering how little they make. The same prescriptions cost drug companies pennies to make, but will cost you hundreds of dollars. That is why he was so against big pharma, they do not create cures, but instead they create customers and are a multi-billion dollar industry. Why tell somebody that they have candida, but instead they can work on treating the underlying cause, give them ADD medications, Pain relievers, anti-anxiety medications, stress medications, digestive medications, diet pills, high blood pressure medications and the list goes on and on.

It’s not really uncommon for people to even go bankrupt when they want a certain level of health care. Yes there is now health insurance for all Americans, but when you want the best of the best you have to pay for it. People mortgage their houses, spend hundreds of dollars just to meet a doctor for 5 minutes. Even with insurance copays it can cost $50-100 to visit a specialist. Why do I know all this? Because that’s what happened to me. I spent hundreds, and thousands of dollars, but for some reason I didn’t want to spend money on what could really help me. I honestly believe that I was brainwashed, or maybe it was my brain fog that really made me not think properly.

I always felt it was okay to spend hundreds of dollars at the doctors office, but then tried to save a few dollars where it really mattered. I visited him because I wanted help. I could listen to him and if what he recommended didn’t work, he can help me find other solutions. If I don’t want to listen to him, I should really go elsewhere because if I do not listen to my doctor what’s the point of even going. I’m wasting my money, his time, and it’s just not good for any of us. He laid it out upfront with me and said I can make a choice today to take one step further towards my health, towards a positive future, or I can continue down the road I’m at where I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel. I had the opportunity to make a choice and I could be one day closer to being healthier, or I could live my life wondering how I’m living like this with all the health issues I’m suffering from. I wasn’t happy with the way I was living, so the choice was really obvious.

I actually ordered it on my ipad right there at his office. He helped guide me through the process, and he told me that 1 bottle, and even the 6 bottles isn’t really enough. He would have preferred if they had a package with the full plan, and we could order at least a 3 months supply, but he said I should look to buy 4 bottles of Probacto probiotics, 2 bottles of cfort10, and 4 bottles of candidaoff for 1 month. I could get it month by month or order everything at once so that I do not forget. He’s tried contacting them, but they haven’t added the package yet.

UPDATE: They were getting requests from many other people to add a package for doctors to tell their patients, it seems they finally put up a package. You can find the package here. It’s heavily discounted compared to their regular price.

Click Here to Get The Package
Before you buy make sure you use the coupon code CD5OFF my doctor found it and gave it to me, it should still work and that will give you 5% off your order which is about $15 off for a month’s supply.

When I got home, I was a bit nervous and wasn’t sure if I made the right decision. I mean something was clearly wrong with my health, I had monthly yeast infections, but I still had to know and make sure that it wasn’t just all “in my head”. I read every page on the Internet I could find, and felt a lot better about it because there were people who were experiencing everything that I was experiencing. I finally felt like I wasn’t alone. Candida was quite common, and of course many doctors would ignore it not because they did not mean well, but because it wasn’t well known to them. I mean who could blame them when the pharmaceutical companies run how their entire education is taught. Now even Canadian medical schools are doing it I also looked up Probacto and see what makes their products so special. I’m only going to give a quick summary here because you can really read it on their website here

Know that you’re not alone in this struggle. My other readers have been having the same issues and struggles, but you don’t have to suffer your entire life.


Note: For my liability purposes, please do not take my advice and not listen to your doctor or other health care practitioner. I suggest finding one who will work with you.

Starting with their Probiotics:

They use 8 different forms of bacteria, not just 1 or 2. Each one serves its own purpose helping to get rid of candida. It does not need to be refrigerated because they use Plant Based probiotics, which actually cost far more to manufacture than others. So a good probiotic which contains say 1 billion good bacteria can actually be far better than one that would contain 100 billion bacteria. Many of these companies use cheap bacteria in large quantities for marketing. I had no clue and thought that all good bacteria was the same, it’s not true at all. Even with things like Yogurt you may never get the full benefit you expect.

The probacto probiotics also contain a prebiotic called Isomalto Oligosaccharide. The reason that is such a great prebiotic is because it’s one of the few that will not feed the candida. It will feed the beneficial bacteria like a prebiotic is supposed to, but many of the so called “probiotic formulas” will also feed yeast in your body.

The final part that the formula contains is a digestive yeast cleanse which is made to actually digest the yeast, and prevent candida die-off. There are more details on their site about the probiotics, which you can read directly here, but what I provided is just basic paraphrasing.

Next is CFort10:

CFort10 doesn’t seem to be manufactured by Probacto, but it’s sold there and for the best price around. CFort10 has a single active ingredient, and uses gel caps to provide it. The caps are actually really easy to swallow because they are so tiny, each one contains 50mg and you take 5 capsules 3 times a day. I was nervous and thought I’d waste my entire day taking them, but I can take them all at once easily, even without water. The active ingredient is 10-Undecenoic Acid which is perhaps the strongest natural antifungal available. From the research I’ve done it destroys the cell wall of the candida, and the yeast cannot adapt to be resistant to it. That means you NEVER have to rotate it. So this makes it an ideal antifungal unlike others that you see where they have multiple formulations, but they become very resistant. Some people have something an undecylenic acid from calcium undecylenate, but they have a different chemical chain, and it only works properly in the gel cap format. You can read about it at


CandidaOff does exactly what it’s said to and that is to prevent candida die-off. (Please google “candida die-off”) I’ve used this A LOT because sometimes if you’re eating right and taking the supplements in the correct amounts, you just get such bad die-off that it’s impossible to function normally. Imagine having a terrible flu. CandidaOff is made using a patented Tintract process so the whole herb is used and unlike other similar formulas this one contains no alcohol (which feeds the candida). The herbs used are Pau d’arco, Marigold, and Lemongrass. Together they fight candida (not the main function of this formula, but it does), as well as prevents die-off. The great thing is it tastes great as well. You can read about it at

So I went to my doctor and ordered it at his office on Tuesday morning with my iPad and it arrived in my house in Atlanta by Thursday. It was shipped via USPS priority, and they shipped the exact same day that I ordered which was really appreciated as some people take a week to ship out. The packaging was a regular USPS box, completely unmarked. It didn’t say “yeast infection medicine” which was really appreciated as I do not want weird looks from the postman, or if family or friends come by and see an old box. It was well packaged, and even though the box was clearly tossed around, everything came in perfect condition.

It took me about three weeks before I started noticing positive changes. I would wake up easier, and I started noticing that I had far less gas and bloating during my day to day activities. I didn’t need to constantly run to the bathroom to excuse myself while I was at work or in meetings. I could even start paying attention and remembering, it didn’t feel like my mind was wandering off, I was actually in control of my life.

Of course my life wasn’t immediately perfect as one would hope. I didn’t become what I consider sickly to being able to compete in a triathlon the next day. No, that would unfortunately take some work. When I would eat foods that I shouldn’t eat such as pasta with meatballs or macaroni and cheese, I would notice some bad side effects. The funny thing though is that even if I ate those things my condition would still improve as long as I continued taking probacto’s products. If I did not take them and ate horribly, I felt sick almost immediately. Over the next few days I would regret it and said I would never do it again, but we all tell ourselves that and don’t stick to it.

I continued to see my doctor for several months after. We would slowly reintroduce foods into my body when I wasn’t actually cheating on my diet. The way to introduce it is to choose certain foods that you want to try, and if you notice no side effects after a few days of eating it, you increase the amount you can eat. An example is let’s say you gave up red meat. Well you would try a little bit one day, and a little bit the next, after two days you increase the dosage until you are at your regular full dosage. The best food guide can be found with the candida meal plan book. Doing this has enabled me to be able to go an entire day without experiencing any gas or bloating, I’m thinking clearer than ever and haven’t had a yeast infection in over 6 months. A year ago, I never imagined such a thing was possible, and had zero clue what I should do with my life. I felt ready to give up. There’s no such thing as a perfect product, and you can’t expect something to work for everyone, but the probacto products have been like a godsend to me. I’ve given them to family, friends, and I receive emails daily from people talking about how great they work.

email andrea



P.S. Maybe you can organize some sort of group buy with Probacto for your readers, as you have one of the biggest candida sites on the internet? I love the stuff and it’s 100% worth the money, but I’d love to save a few bucks as well.

Well Michael, luckily they added it on their own. Please check it out here: Click Here to Get the Package

Make sure you use the coupon code CD5OFF to save an extra 5% which works out to almost $15 a month.

Now the package comes with Nettle Leaf Tea, and I find that it’s one of the most amazing tea’s for your health in general. You can read all about it on these websites: and If you order the Candida Recovery Pack, it comes with your order. The thing is sometimes I do not plan as well in advance, or end up sharing with my friends so I run out, I usually get it from Whole Foods (but be warned it is expensive). I like to get it from Traditional Medicinals – Click Here which is Organic. The Probacto brand is also great, but I already pay for Amazon Prime, so I take advantage of the free shipping, but if you don’t or are ordering large quantities, then you can buy it from probacto.

I’ve told you what I’ve suffered through, and what I have done to help treat myself. I cannot feed you and control your life. It’s 100% in your hands. What I will ask you to do though is picture yourself 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years from now. What type of person do you want to be? Do you want to be able to go out and socialize, drink a glass of wine occasionally, be able to eat good food, and travel without worrying about how it will impact your life or do you want to be the person hiding in the bathroom because of excess gas, and suffering with a yeast infection with no sex life. Telling all your friends and family that you just don’t feel like going out, or that you’re too tired. Having all your complaints and frustrations fall on deaf ears. Every day you wait is another day that you will be neglecting the needs of your body. My case was severe and I was able to overcome it, and even though I lack discipline, I was able to over come it.

You can make the right decision today, and be one step closer to having better health, or you can continue to live your life the way you are, unhealthy. So please make the right decision, not for me, but for yourself and your future.

I also understand that it is true that many of you cannot afford it. It’s not really your fault, but all of us run into situations where money is tight. I urge you to save up what you can, and reduce your spending. If you are tight on money though, I suggest you just buy 1 bottle of the probiotics, and 1 bottle of the cfort10. You can make it stretch, and really get a good test to see that it is worth it.

Click here to get the discounted candida treatment package. Please use code CD5OFF for your discount.



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