How to Heal Severe IBS in 3 Steps Using Just Diet & Supplements – Even When Every Other Diet & Treatment Method Failed You

Based on 20 Years of Experience Treating IBS Patients

By Deborah Barns (CanXida)

There’s a lot of information online about what causes IBS & what you can do about it.

Most of this information is put together by people who’ve never seen an IBS patient in their whole lives (unlike our team who actually have).

If you read those websites, you'll see that as far as mainstream medicine is concerned, "there's no known cause" for IBS.

Yeah, right. What a load of nonsense.


Chronic gut disorders like IBS don't just develop out of thin air. We at CanXida have been at this so long we call Irritable Bowel Syndrome a "Garbage Can Diagnosis."

We're not saying IBS doesn't exist or that you don't have IBS.

We saying it's a lazy diagnosis. We see IBS as a "mystery illness" doctors & specialists say you have when they don't have time to look for the cause of your symptoms or don't know how to.

The reality is, every patient with severe IBS will have a major problem in their microbiome that will reveal itself when the proper test is performed. 

By "problem with their microbiome" we mean there's something wrong in the gut at the microscopic level –which isn't visible to the naked eye – and once this is fixed, IBS goes away .

Keep reading & we'll tell you what this test is, what REALLY causes IBS & how you can eliminate most or all of your symptoms using a simple 3-step diet one of our founders developed after +20 years of clinical practice.

We'd also like to give you a free copy of our 21-Days To Fix Your Gut Health: A Step-By-Step Guide to Healing Your Gut of Candida, Leaky Gut, IBS, & Almost Any Other Digestive Problem ebook.

This is an in-depth 67-page PDF full of resources to help patients with IBS & other chronic gut issues. You can grab it free at the bottom of this page.

None of what you're about to learn is based on theory or armchair research. It wasn't made up out of thin air by a random blogger. It was created by naturopaths (such as the one you'll be seeing in the videos on this page).

That's why IT WORKS.

It works no matter how severe your case is – even if you've had IBS for YEARS & every other diet & drug treatment failed you.

This is not an exaggeration. We know this because of the feedback we've received from patients. As well as lab tests performed before, during & after patients began the diet & treatment method we outline on this page.

So stick around because we've got lots to teach you. This page is long so feel free to click the table of contents below to instantly be taken to the topics you're most interested in.

What Is IBS & How Do You Know You Have It?

As you know, IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It affects both the stomach & intestines. Research shows between 7 & 18% of the world's population suffers with IBS to some degree. Only a small percentage of patients with IBS have severe symptoms. This page is going to focus solely on severe cases.

About 50% of patients with severe IBS have overlapping conditions – meaning more than one gut disorder is present. Over 35% of these patients for example test positive for SIBO, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

Other conditions that overlap with IBS include heartburn, Celiac Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Crohn's Disease. Ulcerative Colitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Leaky Gut. Anxiety disorders & depression are also common in patients with severe IBS.

All this complicates the situation and can leave you wondering if you really have IBS or is it something else.

Patients with severe IBS can experience:

  • Severe digestion issues (gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc)
  • Increased, decreased or unpredictable frequency of bowel movements
  • Food allergies
  • Brain fog & difficulty concentrating
  • Anxiety & irritability
  • Skin issues such as rashes or eczema
  • Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis & Hashimoto's, psoriasis or celiac disease
  • Recurring or chronic candida yeast infections
  • Recurring Urinary Tract Infections
  • Severe abdominal pain and cramps
  • Chronic fatigue

Patients with IBS have told us it feels like you have food poisoning, but every day, 24/7.

Some say they get a flare up once or twice a week. Others say they get them 5 times a week or more. And when it's bad, it's ALL CONSUMING. As in it takes control of your life

Sometimes when a flare up happens it can take a week to recover.

And during this time you may end up having to go to the toilet for an excess of 12 times a day. Or have alternating constipation & diarrhea. Or feel drained because you have to sit on the toilet all the time & everything you eat passes through you except water and maybe plain rice.

Or you get severe abdominal pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night & prevents you from sleeping.

Pain so bad you it has you in tears & makes you feel like you're dying. 

Or as one patient described it, "pain so bad it feels like having a knife rip through your intestines."

And then of course there's the bloating which is also all consuming. One of our IBS patients for example had pants ranging from size 8 to 16 in her wardrobe because some days she literally couldn't pull up her jeans! Plus when she ate certain foods, her stomach would swell up & look like she was 4 months pregnant.

Severe IBS often goes hand in hand with stress & anxiety.

We've had many patients say they feel trapped if they can't find a toilet during a flare up. Or get panic attacks in situations where they couldn't easily escape or excuse themselves & run to the bathroom. IBS can make you feel like your body is out of control. And it's this feeling that causes the anxiety side of it.

For some the symptoms are so bad they consider quitting jobs or dropping out of university. Because when the flare ups happen they're stuck at home & have to be next to a bathroom at all times.

Or they can't sleep because of the pain.

It's also socially isolating. They can't go out with friends. They feel too embarrassed to talk to anyone or tell any friends about their symptoms. They feel like they can't go to social occasions because they're not sure if there's going to be a toilet nearby at all times.

Some like to call IBS an invisible condition. Patients can look perfectly fine on the outside but on the inside there's a big disturbance. And it's difficult to explain that to others. 

Patients with IBS often report struggling to find a medical practitioner who takes them seriously. This goes for general practitioners, "gut specialists" & gastroenterologists.

We've heard many stories about how when the endoscopy, colonoscopy, blood test and ultrasound came back normal, the doctor would say "it's just IBS." As if it's nothing serious & you're making a fuss when "it's just IBS."

Even though for many the symptoms ARE quite serious.

And then recommend them antidepressants for anxiety or antispasmodics & pain killers for cramps & abdominal pain.

We've seen many patients who've tried every medication & treatment under the sun. They've had food allergy tests, tried various laxatives, all the prescribed & over the counter IBS medications, antibiotics, the low FODMAP diet, going vegan, you name it. None of it worked.

If this has been your experience with IBS rest assured there is hope for recovery. Keep reading.

What REALLY Causes IBS & How to Find the Root Cause Of Your Symptoms

Severe IBS rarely has a single cause.

In most cases there are several factors that when combined, will trigger severe IBS.

If you look online, many websites list things like abnormal muscle contractions in the intestine, nervous system issues, poorly coordinated signals between the brain and intestine, and severe bacterial or viral infections as the main cause of IBS.

Others point the finger at gluten or foods with histamine. Depression and anxiety are also listed as causes.  

Lately there's been a lot of talk of changes in the microbiome being the main cause of IBS. As many studies now show patients with severe IBS have a poor balance between the good & bad bacteria in their digestive tract compared to patients with normal gut function.

Therefore the question is: if you fix up the microbiome (remove the high levels of bad bacteria, restore the levels of good bacteria, etc), would that make IBS symptoms go away?

Based on our experience, the answer is YES . . . but you also have to address the reasons your microbiome got imbalanced in the first place. You need to look at your lifestyle and think about whether something you're doing is contributing to your IBS symptoms or preventing your recovery.

Our team has worked with THOUSANDS of IBS patients & the BIG patterns we saw were:

  • poor diet (too much processed food, take out, sugar, etc)
  • alcohol use
  • pharmaceutical medications
  • exposure to chemicals or toxins
  • poor sleeping habits or sleep disorders
  • high stress
  • lack of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract
  • gut infections such as an overgrowth of yeast (like candida), bad bacteria & parasites
  • history of antibiotic use (often multiple rounds over many years)

A lot of websites will tell you IBS is triggered by stress. And this is true. Anxiety & stress are a BIG contributing factor but it's not the only one.

Now you may be thinking:

"Look, I just want to know what foods to eat and avoid to get rid of IBS. Just tell me what I need to eat already!" 

And we'll get to all that. We just want you to understand IBS isn't only about diet.

Diet plays a major role because you can control which bacteria & yeast species multiply and starve based on which foods you eat & avoid. And so does LIFESTYLE because factors like sleeping habits, alcohol use & stress have almost AS BIG an influence on your gut microbiome as diet. 

A classic IBS case we saw was a person who used to be an overachiever. They worked too hard, stayed up late too often, and ended up pushing their body too hard. Sometimes alcohol was involved. Sometimes it's prescribed medications or recreational drugs. There can be all sorts of scenarios.

We've seen severe IBS in women looking after autistic kids. We've seen it in patients who had a major emotional crisis or breakdown. Or who were stuck in abusive relationships.

We've also seen it from working with toxic chemicals. One man got IBS as a result of working at a printing factory. We've seen severe IBS in patients who worked with pesticides & sprayed fields 5 days a week. And in people who worked in leather tanneries & got exposed to chromium.

Now, according to mainstream medicine, IBS has "no obvious cause & patients bowels appear normal." Yeah, sure. The patient's gut looks "normal" because the doctor never performed the proper test to actually check what's going on.

All they did was an ultrasound, colonoscopy, endoscopy and maybe an x-ray or blood test. The problem with these tests is they only look for problems you can see with the naked eye.

And then when all these tests came back with nothing, the GI specialist sent you back to the medical doctor who diagnosed you with IBS. Or kicked you over to the psychiatrist because they thought you were "imagining" things happening in your digestive system that the GI doctor couldn't find.

Or they said your symptoms were because of depression & recommended antidepressants.

We haven't seen this pattern once.

We haven't seen it twice.

We've seen it HUNDREDS of times.

Most GI doctors don't know how to perform other tests. It wasn't part of their training in medical school. The test we used to perform when a patient showed up with severe IBS that a dozen other doctors & GI specialists couldn't solve is called a CDSA x3.

Which stands for Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis w/ Parasitology. The x3 means 3 samples. This is a extremely advanced test most GI docs don't have experience with. Many of them know this test exists, but they never received the advanced training needed to interpret the results once they came back from the lab.

It's an expensive test (usually between $600 and $800) & insurance companies don't cover it. It's also an embarrassing test. As it requires you to literally ship your poop via express mail to a lab.

What's unique about a CDSA is it shows EVERYTHING that's going on in your gut at the MICROSCOPIC level.

It's tells you the levels of beneficial bacteria like Lactobacillus & Bifida you have, the levels of bad bacteria, their species (such as Klebsiella), if you've got an overgrowth of yeast (like Candida Albicans), microscopic parasites (like Blastocystis), inflammation, leaky gut & a WHOLE LOT more.

You can learn more about the CDSA by watching our YouTube video above. 

You don't have to get a CDSA test if you don't want to. The 3-step IBS diet we're going to teach you is going to work regardless if you get this test done or not.

Our staff had whole cabinets at one point full of CDSA lab results from hundreds of IBS patients before, during & after we put them on our diet & treatment plan. It's how we developed our method in the first place.

Want to know what you'll to find if you get one of these tests performed?


You're going to see a lack of beneficial bacteria. Over 60% of CDSA tests from severe IBS patients came back with no beneficial bacteria at all. The lab couldn't culture them & they couldn't find them. This is especially true in patients who suffered from fatigue.

You're also likely to see an overgrowth of some sort. About 75 to 80% of CDSA tests from IBS patients will show a SEVERE overgrowth of yeast, bad bacteria or parasites. Sometimes it's high levels of yeast, moderate levels of bad bacteria and low beneficial bacteria.

Blastocystis (a microscopic parasite)

Other times it can be zero beneficial bacteria, no yeast but high levels of several bad bacteria species plus a microscopic parasite in the mix. Everyone is different. No two people are going to have the same microbiome.

Don't be freaked out by parasites. We're not talking about worms. That stuff is extremely rare. The truth is, most parasites are so small you can't see the darn things without a microscope.

There's quite a lot of single cell parasites out there and most parasite tests don't look for all of them. But a CDSA test does. 

Severe IBS always has a cause. And a CDSA test is going to reveal it. 

The final MAJOR contributing factor to IBS we need to talk about is antibiotics.

Now you may be thinking, 

"Hey wait a second, how can antibiotics cause a IBS? You said the root cause of IBS is usually some sort of overgrowth of bad bacteria or yeast & everyone knows antibiotics kill that stuff!"

So why do we say antibiotics are a MAJOR contributor to IBS? Because nearly EVERY patient with severe or recurring IBS symptoms had a history of antibiotic use BEFORE they got sick.

The problem with antibiotics (as you've probably read elsewhere) is they wipe out EVERYTHING in your gut, including your beneficial bacteria.

But what many people (including many doctors) don't understand is beneficial bacteria are what prevent IBS in the first place. Good bacteria such as Lactobacillus act as your gut's IMMUNE SYSTEM.

They're like a defense force. They release various chemicals and acids that prevent the growth of bad bacteria, yeast and parasite and interfere with their life cycles. 

Good bacteria is also necessary for you to digest food.

They break down all the plant fibers and proteins our bodies can't digest by themselves.

When you've got large amounts of beneficial bacteria, you're going to have a much better functioning digestive system. That means a lot less gas, bloating, diarrhea & other IBS symptoms.

When you take an antibiotic, it creates a void or empty space in your gut at the microscopic level. And if you don't quickly fill that void with good bacteria (by taking a probiotic or eating certain foods), that void is going to get filled with something you don't want.

In other words, the "bad guys" will move in and take over.

Why? Because you took out their #1 competition with an antibiotic.

This situation can be made worse by drinking alcohol. Studies show even one glass of wine or beer quickly results in a decrease of beneficial bacteria. In healthy people the good bacteria will bounce back after a short time but. . . 

If you combine alcohol with a history of antibiotic use . . . plus you regularly eat processed carbs, french fries, ice cream, chips, soda, pastries & other foods that to promote the growth of bad bacteria & yeasts. . . 

Then you've got a real recipe for DISASTER.

Especially if you combine it with high stress, poor sleeping habits, etc.

That's when the IBS get REALLY BAD. Because this creates the perfect situation for yeast, bad bacteria & microscopic parasites to overgrow & take over the gut environment. 

Chances are you've already tried the antibiotic route. It didn't work so well did it?

Don't make the mistake of taking round after round after round of antibiotics for IBS. IT DOESN'T WORK. It's just a never ending cycle. If you want to break this cycle you need to go on a treatment plan that takes out the "bad guys" WITHOUT harming the Lactobacillus & other friendly bacteria. 

And that's what the 3-step method we'll be teaching you on this page is going to do.

If you take a look at the 2000+ free videos on our YouTube channel (which you can learn more about on the bottom of this page), you'll see we've been at this for a LONG time.

That's why we can say WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT what you're about to learn works. It works no matter how sick you are, how long you've been struggling with IBS, how many treatments you've tried or how many "specialists" you've been to.

Our 3-step IBS reversing diet is simple to understand, easy to follow and has NO-SIDE EFFECTS.

In mild to moderate cases it can sometimes achieve this within a few weeks. Though for patients with severe IBS it usually takes a few months or longer.

The first 2 steps are special diets. The 3rd step is where you slowly reintroduce foods back into your diet.

The 3 steps are as follows:

Step 1: The MEVY Diet (3 - 4 weeks)
Step 2: The Low Allergy Diet
(2 - 8 weeks)
Step 3: The Food Re-introduction Stage
(2 - 4 weeks)

If this is your first attempt at using diet to treat IBS, we recommend you go through the "14 Day Big Cleanup" before you start Step 1: The MEVY Diet.

The 14 Day Big Clean-Up

The 14 Day Big Clean-Up is sort of like a Step 0.

It serves 2 purposes. First it allows you to slowly ease yourself into the new diet without experiencing withdrawal from things like alcohol, caffeine, take-out foods, candy, ice cream & chocolate.

It also reduces your chances of experiencing aggravation symptoms during your treatment.

This might sound odd but you'll likely need to get rid of a lot of the foods in your kitchen pantry during this step. The more severe your symptoms are, the more CRITICAL this step is.

The best thing to do is grab a big bag and fill it with all the foods that have been sitting in jars or bottles in your fridge. If you haven’t looked at or touched them for a long time, they NEED to go.

Get rid of sauces, syrups, jams, etc. All these tend to be stored for long periods & develop mold.

Even if you can’t visibly see any mold, don’t take any chances. Throw it away.

Next you want to get rid of anything containing white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and especially artificial sweeteners because these will prevent your recovery like nothing else. You need to give the candy away, the ice cream, the cookies. All that stuff needs to go. That way you won’t be tempted by it later.

Same goes for highly processed foods like potato chips, microwave meals, deli meats, pastries, etc. Give it away to a neighbor or friend or just throw it in the trash.

These are the foods that aggravate IBS symptoms. They're also the foods bad bacteria, yeasts & parasites thrive on. By removing these foods from your diet, you take away their food source. This leaves them weak & far easier to get rid of later.

That way you can replace them with the beneficial bacteria you need to get well.

If you don't want to do this & wish to continue eating these foods (even in small amounts) during the treatment, you may as well stop reading this now. It’s that important.

Do this over a period of a few days if you must, but get it done.

Here’s a short list of foods to get rid of:

• Soda drinks
• Chocolate (even unsweetened or 100% cacao)
• Ice cream
• Sweets or candy
• Biscuits or cookies
• Donuts, muffins or cakes
• Pastries
• White breads
• Chips
• Pizza, fried chicken & any take-out foods
• Nutella, peanut butter, jam or spreads (unless you make them yourself)

For more information about the Big Cleanup, click the video box below:

Step 1: The MEVY Diet

MEVY stands for Meat, Eggs, Vegetables & Yogurt

This is a well tested diet designed to bring your intestinal flora back into balance. It calms and heals your gut from a multitude of conditions including IBS, SIBO, inflammation, candida overgrowth, leaky gut, and more.

We didn’t create this diet.

It’s been around for a long time. Since at least 1986 when it was recommended in “The Yeast Syndrome” by Dr. Morton Walker. You don’t need to read it. You’ll learn everything you need about the MEVY Diet through this page, our YouTube channel & our free 21 Days to Fix Your Gut Health ebook which you'll grab at the bottom of this page.

The MEVY diet is a short term diet. You only need to be strict with it for 3 to 4 weeks. For best results, follow it strictly for at least 2 weeks. Then you can loosen up a little for the next 2 to 3 weeks as you start to implement the Low-Allergy diet (this is step 2). 

It’s up to you to decide how long you want to stay on the MEVY approach. Either way, we can assure you of one thing – the MEVY Diet WORKS. It works very well in fact & can quickly reduce most (if not all) of the IBS symptoms you’re struggling with.

It’s a tasty and healthy diet. You’re not going to starve or feel deprived.

Meats generally are not favored at all by bad bacteria and yeast.

You're not going to have a problem with fresh fish, lean beef, or free range eggs. Just be careful not to overload your diet on red meat because that can cause constipation and clogged up bowels.

If you’re a vegan there’s plenty of other options you’ve got.

These foods also discourage bad bacteria like Citrobacter freundii and get rid of things like Blastocystis, pseudomonas, and all kinds of other nasty bugs we see in patients who've had gut issues for a long time.  

The MEVY diet is a low-carb diet.

It’s been around long before low-carb diets became popular. Unlike other low-carb diets, the goal of the MEVY approach isn’t to lose weight. Although you most certainly will lose weight if you have excess weight to lose (particularly if you follow it well).

You’re allowed to eat all meats, eggs, most vegetables (except high starch vegetables like potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, peas, corn and beets) and plain yogurt. Eliminate foods such as heavily processed cereals, pasta, conventional breads (which contain yeasts and sugars), pastries, chips and alcohol.

Alcohol is a big one. If you can't make a commitment to stop drinking alcohol (even one glass of wine a week) for a period of at least 6 months, you need to stop reading this page.

Alcohol has a very powerful effect on gut bacteria & will prevent your recovery the same as eating fast food on a daily basis will.

If your goal is to restore your gut function, the alcohol NEEDS to go. Most patients who are serious about getting their health back are willing to take a break from alcohol for a while. You can go back to drinking wine on the weekends if you like once your gut is back to normal.

Sourdough bread is OK to eat, especially rye. You also want to avoid all dairy products, with natural unsweetened yogurt being the only exception.

Don’t worry about keeping track of the specific foods you can and can’t eat on the MEVY diet. We've created a free 21-Days To Fix Your Gut Health: A Step-By-Step Guide to Healing Your Gut of Candida, Leaky Gut, IBS, & Almost Any Other Digestive Problem PDF ebook for that.

It includes a one page printable checklist that lists all the fruits, vegetables, grains & other foods you can eat. Plus recipes, a meal plan, and much more.

You can grab it for free at the bottom of this page.

If you've got IBS & have never had a CDSA test done, stick to the foods listed here and in the PDF.

If you did get a CDSA done & know exactly what you have an overgrowth of, you can do a search on our YouTube channel to see if there's minor tweaks you may want to make to your diet.

We've got videos on virtually every gut problem including parasites, SIBO, candida & more. Also make sure you watch the YouTube video below as it will explain how to use the MEVY diet for IBS in more detail.

Step 2: The Low Allergy Diet

Once you’ve been on the MEVY Diet for a few weeks, we start the Low Allergy Diet.

The purpose of this diet is to restore your gut’s immune system. This step is crucial for anyone with a severe IBS & a history of antibiotic use. That’s why it’s best to come off what are considered key allergy foods.

These Foods Are:

• citrus (especially oranges)
• pineapple
• banana
• shellfish
• peanut/peanut butter
• wheat/gluten
• chocolate
• cow's milk

Cow's milk is a big one.

Our team did testing on over 350 young children that found nearly 70% had a problem with cow's milk. Bananas came back around 14%. Pineapples and shellfish came back nearly 20%.

Bread and gluten allergies are not as common as you think. 

Chocolate however is. Even dark chocolate, 70% cocoa or whatever it is, it's GOT TO GO for a while. There’s no way around it. Chocolate aggravates IBS & other gut disturbances. Even if it's raw cacao you need to take it out of your diet for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

A Special Note on Wheat:
Too many people point the finger at wheat and gluten when in fact, these people have bacterial and yeast problems that need clearing up BEFORE they start taking gluten out of their diet.

We’re not big fans of telling people to eliminate wheat or gluten from their diet forever.

In fact, we’ve seen people get BACK into gluten after they were told by doctors they could NEVER eat wheat ever again. Because once your good bacteria levels are restored – gluten is no longer a problem. 

Just because every blog site out there says you should eat gluten-free doesn't make it true. "Gluten free" is almost like a religion today. 

Remember, only 1 or 2% of the population has Celiac Disease.

Are you celiac? Probably not. Are you gluten intolerant? Probably not.

Do you have a disturbed microbiome? Probably yes.

What we're doing with the Low Allergy Diet is taking out the foods that could potentially trigger an immune response. This is smart because you've likely got food allergies and intolerances right now that are creating immune dysfunction.

By taking all these foods out, it stops the immune system from reacting.

That way, once your digestion is in better shape, you’ll be able to eat these foods without having to worry whether the next bite of the “wrong food" will send you running to the toilet or cause a flare up. 

All you do at this stage is remove the foods listed previously in this section, and keep it that way for a period of several weeks to several months. You should continue to eat the MEVY Diet in the meantime (although you don’t have to be as strict as you were in the beginning).

Step 3: The Food Reintroduction Phase

At this point you should be feeling a lot better and many of your IBS symptoms should have disappeared. So we can start reintroducing the foods we eliminated in phase 1.

You'll get the exact details once you download the free PDF at the bottom of this page but what you'll basically do is get a piece of paper and write down all the foods you really love but feel you can't eat because they give you problems.

We're talking about ice cream, beer, wine, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, pastries, whatever you like.

Then what you'll do is slowly start to reintroduce these foods & see what effect they have on you. Yes, even ice cream and pastries. We don't like being the "food police." If you like, you can choose healthier versions of them like oat milk ice cream.

And it may sound shocking but once you go through our treatment plan, you'll be VERY SURPRISED to find that most (if not all) the foods currently on your "avoid" list no longer give you trouble.

Of course this doesn't mean you can go on a 100% junk food diet and expect to stay healthy, but you can be sure an occasional ice cream or pizza with friends isn't going to bother you anymore

You don't have to be gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol or whatever else free for the rest of your life. We can tell you now after helping THOUSANDS of folks overcome chronic gut problems – PEOPLE GET SICK AND TIRED of these restrictive diets. They hate them. 

A Precaution About Reintroducing Foods:

The first foods you reintroduce are NOT the foods you love the most.

You want to start with the foods you feel indifferent about.

You haven't eaten them in a while but you could take them or leave them.

It could be carrots or it could be some fish. If you really love some particular food, it's not a good idea to introduce it back into the diet right away on day 1. You can bring them in after a few days or a few weeks.

If you bring those foods back in the diet too quickly, there's a possibility you're going to eat too much of them. And then you can get your blood sugar worked up and this can push you off-track.

We've seen this happen again and again, so just take it slow and you'll be fine.

What About the low-FODMAP Diet? Other Websites Say It's the Best Diet For IBS, So Why Don't We Recommend It Here?

Chances are if you've got IBS, you've heard of the low-FODMAP diet. Many doctors today recommend the FODMAP diet to new IBS patients. But we at CanXida aren't huge fans of the low-FODMAP approach.

We've seen too many patients make mistakes with this diet.

Many patients who learn about the low-FODMAP diet think they need to be on it long term. Or that the low-FODMAP diet is a treatment method for IBS. Or it'll allow them to live a normal life as long as they follow it.

The reality is, a low-FODMAP diet should last 2 to 6 weeks. NO MORE.

And that is because of how restrictive it is. It takes almost all carbohydrates out of the diet. Remember, we shape our microbiome & gut bacteria by what we eat. So the more restrictive you are with food, the more restrictive your gut bacteria will become.

And over time this creates problems. It creates a situation where if you deviate off the diet, you get sick or get a flare up. Which of course makes you think "I need to get back on the low-FODMAP diet."

We don't believe the low-FODMAP diet is useless. A low-FODMAP diet can help you discover which foods are triggering your flare-ups. But unlike the MEVY diet, it doesn't shift your microbiome back to a healthy state.

If you've already been sold on the low-FODMAP diet by other experts & want to try it for a few weeks that's fine. Just don't make the mistake of thinking you need to be on low-FODMAP for months or years. For more reasons why we'd often tell patients not to bother with this diet, watch the video at the top of this section.

Can You Get Rid of Severe IBS With Diet Alone or Are Supplements Like Probiotics Also Necessary?

A question we often get is, "should I take probiotics or supplements during my treatment?" Or "I want to heal my IBS through diet alone & without taking anything extra. Is this possible?"

And the answer to that is yes. You can heal severe IBS with diet alone. 

But it’s hard. REAL HARD.

And we can tell you right now – it DOESN’T HAPPEN in the vast majority of cases. 

If you've got moderate to severe IBS you won’t get rid of it with diet alone. You also won't get rid of it with probiotics alone. You need to do BOTH diet & supplements if you want long lasting recovery.

Listen: You may be able to alleviate some IBS symptoms using diet alone but to fully fix your gut you need high doses of natural antimicrobials to wipe out the overgrowth that's acting as the trigger. Things like aged garlic extract, grapefruit seed extract, & others.

You’d have to go on a hardcore diet to get adequate doses of all these from food. So hardcore you’d irritate your digestive system so much you’d throw your beneficial bacteria off balance and start to get problems.

We didn't always have this approach.

We told patients with IBS to go to health food stores. We told them to buy anti-inflammatory & antibacterial foods like organic garlic, oregano and cloves. We told people to focus on eating whole foods & not rely on supplements.

And it didn't work.

People just got overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they had to eat.

Diet alone doesn’t work for most people. We’ve seen people eat the most amazing diets. Stuff like ten cloves of garlic plus big chunks of ginger and lots of turmeric each day. Yet when we did a CDSA test it showed they still had problems. 

Which Kind of Medicines Work Best For IBS? Natural Supplements vs Pharmaceutical Drugs

The answer is – natural medicine supplements.

We’ve done lots of research on natural remedies. And one thing we discovered (from our surveys) is about 70% of patients with moderate to severe IBS have NEVER actually tried to get rid of it using natural methods.

Don't worry about probiotics vs herbal & other supplements. We'll get to that in a minute.

Many people think “that natural stuff doesn’t work” & that the only options they’ve got are drugs like antibiotics. Or "why should I take a natural product for IBS? Are natural products really going to work?"

There's several reasons why we ONLY recommend natural medicine for IBS patients.

The key reason is because natural methods don't harm your beneficial bacteria. They let you take out the bad bacteria & yeast without harming the "good guys" or causing damage to your internal environment. It's the difference between using a sniper rifle and a nuclear bomb. A nuclear bomb is something like an antibiotic.

Another benefit of natural medicine is bad bacteria, yeast & parasites can't become resistant to natural ingredients.

That only happens with drugs. This has been confirmed many times with studies done on things like aged garlic extract, grapefruit seed extract, neem, oregano, clove oil, and other natural antimicrobials.

Resistance just doesn’t happen. It happens with pharmaceutical drugs because they're synthetic. They’re made up of one ultra refined chemical with a narrow band of action. So once bad bacteria or yeast develops a resistance to this action, the pharmaceutical drug is done.

Bacteria & yeast are very adaptive. If you only hit them with one action they will soon work out how to fool this action. And you know what happens next. The drug no longer works and the symptoms comes back. And then you go back to the doctor who puts you on a new drug and the cycle repeats.

Natural medicines are different. They doesn’t just contain one thing. They’ve got many different natural antimicrobial chemicals and compounds within each plant. They attack bad bacteria & yeast from different angles so they get overwhelmed & die before they have a chance to adapt.

And as you'll soon see, the natural stuff is no less effective then the synthetic stuff.

Antimicrobial Supplements vs Probiotics – Which Works Better For Severe IBS?

The answer is BOTH.

Many people believe that if you take a probiotic and an antifungal, antibacterial or anti-parasite formula together, the probiotic is going to be canceled out by the antimicrobial product. This is not true. 

In fact studies show they work better together, not against each other. Particularly if you use a formula that contains only natural ingredients. Such as aged garlic extract and oregano oil. Because as we learned previously, natural medicine doesn't harm beneficial bacteria. It only harms bad bacteria, yeast & parasites.

You don't even need to the antimicrobial and probiotic apart. You can swallow both at the same time.

That way as the antimicrobial formula travels through your digestive system clearing away the overgrowth, the probiotic is right there & REPLACES them with the exact beneficial bacteria that keeps the "bad guys" from coming back.

Can you take probiotics only and ignore the antimicrobial portion? 

You can but you'll slow down your recovery. The whole point of taking supplements for IBS is to speed up your recovery. There's no reason to only choose one. Sure you'll save money but is it really worth if it means having to deal with your IBS symptoms for an extra 2 to 6 months? We don't think so.

You’ll get FAR better results if you take both.

How to Choose an Antimicrobial or Gut Cleansing Supplement For Severe IBS

Many IBS websites these days promote things like turmeric & ginger. As these help reduce the inflammatory response and pain that's associated with IBS.

And you can take these if you like. 

But make sure you also get an antimicrobial supplement that removes the overgrowth that's triggering that inflammation & pain in the first place. That way you treat the root cause of IBS vs only alleviate symptoms.

When choosing an antimicrobial or gut cleansing supplement for IBS, go with a compressed tablet.

Don't buy those cellulose capsules that have a blend of different herbal powders. They're not nearly as effective as tablets. A compressed herbal tablet will always have more antimicrobial activity because more medicines fit into it. As the capsule itself takes up a lot of space that can be used for herbs instead.

When you select a tablet, make sure it says "sustained release." Sustained release means when you swallow this tablet, your digestive system doesn’t get access to everything immediately.

But over a period of several hours it slowly breaks down in the gut.

That way it targets all parts of your GI tract. It cleanses all the bad bacteria, yeast & parasites starting from your mouth and keeps working all the way through the colon and “back passage.”

Sustained release tablets are also more effective. They allow the formulator to use higher doses without them causing side effects or adverse reactions. You get more antimicrobial activity overall, which then gets spread out throughout the day vs overwhelming your gut all at once.

Now, likely the supplements you tried before were not sustained release.

They weren’t put together by someone with decades of experience treating IBS & other chronic gut disorders. They were likely put together by a company that’s got a 1000 other products and they pay lip service to making an IBS formula.

Or they’ve just put out an IBS product with one or two things like oregano oil and clove. That's why we created our own sustain release formula, CanXida. We got disappointed with the stuff available on store shelves. 

Too many supplements these days are filled with fake ingredients

This isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact. Back in 2015, the New York Attorney General Office conducted 390 tests on a wide range of supplements. They gathered bottles from the shelves of 4 major retail stores. 

These were GNC, Target, Walmart and Walgreens. They then sent the bottles over to a lab and DNA tested every tablet to see if the ingredients matched the label. And guess what they found. . .

Only 21% of the products actually had the herbs advertised on the bottle. 

79% didn’t contain ANY of the herbs and were just full of crap like rice powder and wheat!

Here’s a screenshot of an article from CBS News reporting on it:

And it gets worse. . .

One survey done by the FDA found 68% of the supplements tested didn’t even have the MAIN INGREDIENT advertised on the bottle. For example, one “St. John’s Wort” supplement contained nothing but “senna,” a laxative that can cause anal blistering.

This is why we tell folks to avoid generic brand supplements from places like Amazon or iHerb.

The way you find good supplements is by asking where did this product come from? Where did the company get the raw materials? What kind of research has gone into this product?

Was the product formulated by a person who’s an expert on it? Has it been tested and proven to work on your specific problem? Do they provide extensive education about dosage or the best way to use that product? 

Does the product use standardized ingredients?

Standardized means that each time you take this supplement, you're getting a consistent therapeutic dose. It means each batch of herbal medicine used in the formula has been lab tested by a 3rd party to make sure it contains enough active ingredients needed to perform the action you're looking for.

They don't vary in potency from bottle to bottle as the case in non-standardized supplements. It's a bit like how pharmaceuticals are made.

If you want to test out a high quality antimicrobial supplement, check out CanXida Remove (RMV).

CanXida RMV is an advanced 12 ingredient antifungal, antibacterial & anti-parasitic formula based on three decades of experience. It’s the only formula that targets the BIG PICTURE of gut disorders & is in our opinion the most premium natural antimicrobial formula on the market.

This is a "heavy duty" formula designed to work even for VERY SEVERE cases where the patient has been sick for YEARS & every supplement & drug they tried in the past either failed them or the gut problem came back. 

We've designed it to tackle almost every kind of chronic gut disorder – including IBS.

Don't think this is just a candida product. It's NOT. CanXida is equally suited for candida yeast infections, SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease, skin issues like eczema, persistent diarrhea or constipation, chronic fatigue, leaky gut, the list goes on and on. . .

CanXida is non-toxic, has no side effects & is safe even for children.

You won't find anything stronger. It meets ALL the criteria we mention above, including standardization. 

You can learn more about CanXida by watching the video below or by visiting also have few patient stories you can watch at the bottom of this page. 

Why Most Patients Get Nowhere With Probiotics & The 5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Probiotic to Help With IBS

1. Is the Formula Centered Around Good Bacteria Strains That Are Scientifically Proven to Help With IBS?
If you’ve ever compared different probiotic formulas before you’ve no doubt noticed that there's lots of different bacteria strains out there and some products contain more strains than others.

Some products contain 50 strains. Others contain 20. Most of these are just there for marketing purposes to make you think you’re getting “lots of stuff.” 
They don't do anything at all to inhibit bad bacteria or yeast & they do nothing against IBS.

The 6 strains that do help with IBS are:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus casei
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum
  • Bifidobacterium longum

You've probably heard of lactobacillus and bifidobacterium as they're the most researched probiotic strains out there. What most people don't understand is these strains are the #1 natural enemy of bad bacteria, yeast and parasites.

They're the #1 competitor of pathogens in the gut. Countless studies show bad bacteria, yeast & parasites can't grow in areas with high levels of lactobacillus & bifidobacterium. 

There's lots of reasons for this.

L. acidophilus releases lactic acid which interferes with the metabolic process of wide variety of bad bacteria, yeast & parasites. It causes them to have a stress response & stops them from multiplying.

It's also naturally antimicrobial.

Lactic acid is the reason why the small intestine has a low pH. Bad bacteria & yeast hate lactic acid and actually have mechanisms that prevent the acidification of their environment. But a probiotic with high levels of L. acidophilus will overload this.

Other antimicrobial agents created by the Lacobacillus species listed above include hydrogen peroxide (which also protects your gut from bad bacteria infections) & special molecules called bacteriocins & biosurfactants.

Bacteriocins are tiny protein-like molecules that slow the growth of fungi, bad bacteria and parasites.

epithedial cells

While biosurfactants are molecules that interfere with gut pathogen's ability to latch onto the gut wall.

Studies show when high levels of Lactobacillus is released into an environment colonized by bad bacteria & yeast, the good bacteria will literally unhook "bad guys" from the epithedial cells that line the gut wall.

You don't need to understand all of these scientific terms.

Just understand that "bad guys" HATE these 6 strains.

They compete with bad bacteria & yeast for food, nutrients, colonization space, "poison" them by releasing molecules that prevent its growth, & will even "evict" them from their "home" & send them packing. 

Some of them like Lactobacillus casei have additional benefits. L. casei mops up toxins created by bad bacteria & yeast that would otherwise get into your bloodstream, cause inflammation & trigger flare-ups.

It also helps with food allergies because it trains your immune system to relax and not be hyper-reactive. 

These are the 6 strains that are most responsible for fixing your gut environmentDon't worry about any other strains. They're nowhere near as important.

Also note only so much can fit into each capsule. So if a formula has 20 strains, it's going to have lower levels of the 6 you actually want.

2. Avoid Formulas that Contain Prebiotics (Also Known As FOS)

Prebiotics (also known as FOS or fructooligosaccharides) are a special type of sugar naturally found in foods such as broccoli, coconut and bananas. These sugars are what feed probitoics (beneficial bacteria) and make them grow.

That’s why they’re called prebiotics. So why do we tell you to avoid any probiotic formula that contains them?

Because we've seen them cause too many bad reactions when taken in supplement form. Any time a customer tells us they tried a probiotic formula in the past and it made them feel sick or bloated or gave them brain fog, we know right away that formula contained prebiotics.

Companies add these sugars in thinking they’re going to feed the beneficial bacteria.

Oh yeah, they feed the bacteria alright. . . They feed everything from the e. coli to the clostridia and all the other bad bacteria that cause bloating and brain fog & make you feel sick.

Companies will tell you these sugars are from "natural sources" but in reality that “source” is a factory or lab.

We’ve had it with prebiotics. We’ve seen them cause too many aggravations in customers. Get rid of any supplements that have them. You’ll get much better results if you take a probiotic without prebiotics. 
It’s fine to eat foods that naturally contain FOS but don’t take supplements that contain them.

3. Does the Probiotic Formula Also Contain Enzymes?
Instead of prebiotics, get a formula that contains digestive enzymes
Research in the past 7 years has shown that when you take enzymes and probiotics at the same time, you get an amplified effect

There’s lots of reasons this happens. First, enzymes kick start the gut and improve the acid / alkaline ratio of the stomach and small intestine. 

This creates a favorable environment for the beneficial bacteria to grow & a hostile environment for bad bacteria, yeast, and parasites. 
They help shift your bacteria population from bad to good.

Many people with IBS have inflamed digestive systems caused by yeast overgrowth & bad bacteria. Enzymes help with this by allowing your gut to heal at a faster rate.

They also help with cleansing. IBS patients who start taking enzymes often notice they pass out bowel plaques or mucous. They may have more frequent bowel motions or larger stools.

Enzymes are especially important in the first and second month of treatment because they’re going to break down all the vegetable starches your good bacteria are going to feed on. This is how you feed the good bacteria without feeding the bad.

Look for enzymes like amylase, hemicellulase, protease, invertase, and glucocoamylase on probiotic labels. Because these will target all the different carbohydrates, proteins and fats you’ll need help digesting if your gut isn't in great shape.

Not all enzyme formulas are compatible with probiotics.

So don’t just grab an enzyme supplement from Amazon and combine it with whatever probiotic you’ve got laying around. It takes special skills to combine the two correctly so you get an amplified effect. 

If you’re taking a probiotic formula right now and it doesn't contain enzymes along with it, you’re missing the boat. 
You really are. 

Enzymes make all the difference.

If you want the best possible product, make sure the probiotic + enzyme formula you choose contains an enzyme called serratiopeptidase.

This is a powerful enzyme binds to circulating immune complexes in the blood. That means that once you take it, it will actually start to hunt down toxins in your bloodstream released by bad bacteria & yeast as they die off.

This is particularly important for people suffering from Leaky Gut or autoimmune diseases because these toxins are one of the main causes of things like rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain. 
As well as brain fog, headaches, and many other symptoms. . .

4. Does the Probiotic Come In a Time-Released Capsule?

Check if the probiotics come in a time-released capsuleThese capsules are expensive to manufacture so usually a company will tell you on the label if it’s time-released or not.

These are special non-cellulose capsules that survive the stomach
 & open up in the small intestineThat way no good bacteria is lost due to stomach acid. Nearly all probiotics you buy don’t do that. They don’t fully survive the stomach. Some of the good bacteria actually get destroyed before it gets to the intestine.

A time-released capsule is different. It’s not affected by stomach acid.

5. Is the Probiotic GMP Certified or Made in a GMP Certified Facility?
Be VERY wary of any probiotic that doesn’t have a “GMP Certified” seal on the label.

Particularly the cheap probiotics you see on store shelves.

Many years ago before GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) were enforced on the supplement industry, we spoke with many experts in America and Europe regarding probiotics and how they were made. 

And we were quite amazed to discover that when a survey was done on U.S. probiotics just before GMP was enforced, many of them were found to be USELESS and DEAD.

The cheap probiotics had NO VIABLE BACTERIA in them at all — people were just getting ripped off and they had no idea! And we can tell you right now that chances are, if you’re buying a cheapo product at a supermarket or Walmart, you’re probably still getting scammed.

An easy way to tell is to see if the factory or supplier has a GMP certification.

Before you check out other probiotics take a look at our CanXida Restore (RST) formula.

This is a heavy duty probiotic we designed specifically for folks with severe gut issues who need help fast.

It meets all 5 of the criteria above (including serratiopeptidase).
You can learn more about this formula by visiting

Be sure to check out our YouTube page after you leave this page.

We run the largest gut disorder related YouTube channel (called CanXida) where you can find over 4,000 educational videos related to gut health. 

Our channel was originally only about candida but we've since expanded into virtually every other gut health related issue. And we plan to continue expanding it. We've even launched a recipes YouTube channel.

Why do we give away so much information for free?

Because we like to see people recover. It’s fantastic and the best part of our job. 

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It also contains free download links to all our other free resources including a 94-page recipe book we created for gut disorder patients, a 24-page grocery shopping guide PDF, a 64-page workbook & food journal, a 5-page monthly meal planner, a 1 page printable food list & several more free goodies.

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Hope to talk to you again soon,

-Deborah Barnes, CanXida Customer Care Team

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  • Complete Printable Diet & Shopping List (1 page)
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  • CanXida Monthly Meal Planner (5 pages)
  • CanXida Symptoms Tracker (6 pages)


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About CanXida Health:

About CanXida Health:

We launched CanXida in 2013 with one goal – to provide people like you with all the tools needed to finally heal your gut from Candida, Leaky Gut, IBS, SIBO & (almost) any other gut issue.

In addition to making premium supplements to target a wide range of gut disorders, we also run the CanXida YouTube channel where you'll find over 2,000 educational videos (along with several ebooks) on how to get your gut working normal again. Visit our website to learn more.

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