Are Probacto Probiotics Bad Or Good For You?

Are Probacto Probiotic Good or Bad for your candida treatment and the candida diet plan?

Probacto BottleI’ve often heard different things about different products from some individuals saying they are all ripoffs, while others praising them like they are sent from heaven. This is with all products, there is not one thing that will make everyone happy, but there is not one thing that will make everyone sad. Some people love cable companies while others hate them. Most people who researched candida have heard that coconut oil is great for you. Some people will still claim that coconut oil is bad for you and all fat is fat, it’s loaded with cholesterol. Many sources claim the health benefits are a hoax, but I suggest that you do the research for yourself and decide, as the seattletimes was unable to decide themselves. I personally made my decision and eat coconut oil every day, but I wouldn’t want to push my beliefs onto you.

That being said there are many controversial products on the market, some we believe are good for us, and some we believe aren’t, but what we have to do is make our own educated decisions by learning everything we can about the product. So what do I think about Probacto probiotics? Well after taking them for 6 months I can say it’s probably the best health supplement I’ve ever had. They use many 8 different strands of probiotics, as well as prebiotics, and a yeast killing blend, so I don’t really believe I could consider it just a probiotic, but it’s an entire intestinal supplement. I highly recommend it for anybody. Of course there are some criticisms about it as well.

One of the biggest criticisms around is that they use soil based organisms in their probiotics and it won’t stick to your intestinal lining. But I think of it more as a vitamin, there are other ways to restore your gut flora, but you need a constant supply. The benefits of their probiotics are proven, such as their first listed probiotic Bacillus Subtilis as seen here in the Wikipedia article. If you look at their other probiotics such as L. Helvecticus, S. Boulardii, and several other probiotics that are proven to show results.

So the question you are probably asking is are Probacto probiotics good or bad for you? I think it really depends on your body, and I know that everybody reacts differently to anything. For me it’s by far the best supplement I’ve ever taken for my health, for others it may not be what they expect. I have taken countless multivitamins, probiotics, and other supplements in my lifetime, but none showed the results that Probacto has.

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